Imade Osuobeni

Project Manager & Strategic Advisor

Imade Osuobeni is a Project Manager who specializes in Strategic planning, change and risk management. Together with her team, she has overseen the formulation and execution of corporate strategy for several award-winning projects in the public and private sectors in Nigeria.


To identify sustainable pipelines to attract qualified leads and restructure sales messaging in a way that resonates with the target market.


The framework implemented helped secure multiple high-ticket deals including a USD 50k project within 3 short months.


Getting in touch with Imade’s brand values, mission and business model helped define her brand positioning and set the tone for the messaging crafted to attract clients who fit into the brand’s Ideal Buyer Avatar(IBA).

Developing the Strategy

After an in depth consultation with Imade, Lead Marketing Strategist, Roberts Yakubu developed a two-part framework designed to position Imade as the go-to resource for her industry.

The first involved optimizing her brand positioning and content marketing strategy with the use of killer on-brand messaging and persuasive storytelling.

The second involved strategic networking and personalized outreach using proven frameworks that combine emotional appeal with irresistible offers.


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