Tired of Working With Faultfinding, Unreasonable & Entitled Clients?



Built for Coaches, Creatives, Consultants And Service Providers Who Want To Land High Net-Worth Individuals As Clients

Let’s not beat around the bush,

There are 4 possible reasons why you’re reading this:

► Curiosity

► You hate taking jobs from underpaying and entitled clients with unreasonable demands.

► You are interested in a proven framework to land high net-worth individuals as clients.

► You strongly believe you should be earning more from the work you do.

If you fall anywhere between 2 and 4,

I'd like to show you how you can land premium clients on demand and never have to work another day in your life for peanuts!

but first…

Did you believe the same lie?

Were you made to believe that premium clients only worked with experts with years of experience?

Or perhaps those with a huge social media following?

Well, I had that and a sizable email list too and still spent the first 3 years of my journey getting it all wrong!

I shared so much value and had significant results with clients I had worked with in the past

but every time I thought to raise my prices, I felt crippled!

I never believed anyone will pay me more for the work I did!

I made plenty of silly mistakes

And I was taken advantage of a LOT!

Clients will refer me and their friends will demand the same favors I did for them

For fear of losing the deal, I always obliged.

It was tiring and unrewarding!

Moreover, there was a limit to how many clients I could work with as personal commitments increased.

I needed a different business model…

One that could integrate seamlessly into the lifestyle I wanted and not the other way round.

I desired to work with clients who value my work, pay handsomely and refer me to their networks on merit.

Along the line, I learned a couple of valuable lessons that helped me turn the tide in a short period of time.

I’d gladly share these with you…

The problem wasn’t with the type of work I did

It was how much value I placed on myself, who I prospected and how I communicated.

It was hard to admit but I needed a premium mindset!

So here's the deal:

If you want to be well-paid for the work you do,

Making between $1,000 and $10,000 monthly

And you never have to worry about how to land your next client…

I can help you get there!

This framework is responsible for results like these…

Coaching Contracts

Lead Generation Retainer

8-Figure Consulting Contracts

And now, it’s your turn!

But before I tell you how I can help you…

I want you to understand exactly what you are getting into

Your mind may rebuff these figures but if you you want to be a highly-paid expert,

This is just one of the mental battles you’d have to fight.

You’d have to remove the ceiling on what you term as “a fair price” and embrace abundance!

The reality is:

Becoming a well-paid expert is NOT a walk in the park.

It requires ambition, discipline, resilience and patience.

Much more than the average person is willing to put in.

So if you can’t commit to this,

You may stop reading right here

Because no matter how much value is shared,

These kind of results are only possible if you are serious and consistent.

Still here?


Now, if you desire to earn more from what you already do,

The long-term plan will be to get more clients right?

Not Exactly!

Here’s why…

With more clients comes more workload and with a limit to how much work you can do per time,

It may be very difficult to grow your revenue.

There is a better way to go about this…

A way that allows you create better work-life balance and achieve even better results for your clients.

A way that exposes you to people of influence who will challenge you to think BIG!

A way that allows you serve clients with way more money than you can ask for…

Yet with the same challenges you are already an expert at solving.

These people can be found! but…

Not with the same old time-consuming and overwhelming approach you are used to!

Certainly not without you deciding that you deserve more and most definitely,

Not without you believing that this can happen for you too!

With premium clients, it’s always a conversation of value…

The bigger the vacuum you fill, the more reward you’ll command.

Finding premium clients doesn’t have to be stressful, frustrating and time-wasting!

The good news is that…

I have done all the heavy lifting for you.

If you are interested in a proven framework to land high net-worth individuals as clients…

I’m excited to share the Big Fish Prospecting Framework 2.0 with you.

Some of the results shared and many more were from clients who got the first version.

However, I saw the need to integrate new pipelines and simplify the process to landing premium deals much faster.

This gave birth to BFP 2.0

The BFP Framework is the shortcut to attracting premium clients into your business consistently and increasing revenue.

You are getting access to a framework that works effectively for prospecting high net-worth individuals and crafting compelling offers they cannot refuse.

With this blueprint, you can set new revenue targets and out-perform yourself each time.

Most importantly, get to enjoy what you do even more!

Isn’t that the life you’ve always wanted?

Here's a sneak peak of what's inside:


Preparing for Prospecting Success

► Premium Psychology - Understanding how premium buyers think and what motivates them to spend money.

► Identifying Your Pipelines - Why certain prospecting channels are a waste of time and which ones to pay attention to.

► Optimizing Your Digital Assets - the secrets behind turn your website and social media platforms into a funnel.

► Time Blocking - How to integrate your prospecting activity into your lifestyle.


Market Research

► How to research gaps for the purpose of building irresistible offers.

► A proven way to access decision makers for any industry or company.

► Writing first lines.


Building Irresistible Offers

► A proven framework for prospecting without case studies.

► A proven framework for prospecting with case studies.

► How to erase doubt, establish trust and engineer belief.


The Business Model

► Value Based Marketing - The use of compelling stories and compelling content to attract premium clients.

► Booking clients

► The Discovery Call

► The Winning Sales Call Framework

► Detailed Prospecting Walkthrough

Bonus #1

The 5-Step Objection Handling Framework [Short Video]

A proven framework to resolve ANY sales objection

Bonus #2

How to spark desire for your offers with discovery calls [short video]

You will discover how to pitch million-dollar companies.

Mini Course:

Prospecting Automation

► Outsourcing Research

► Automating Outreach and Follow-ups

Mini Course:

Prospecting Tools and Software

► Optimizing Your Campaigns with Prospecting Tools

I need you to understand this

Landing premium clients on demand is not as complicated as many experts make it seem…

You may have a small social media following, no email list

And still get amazing results if you implement the framework consistently.

This blueprint is applicable to

Should You Get The Guide + Video Mini Course?

The guide is 100% practical with pictorial illustrations and templates. You WILL get results with it if you implement accordingly.

The Mini-course takes it a step further and is for anyone seeking to automate most of the process.

Who Shouldn't Get This?

The blueprint is not applicable to retail businesses or anyone who will not implement.


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Hey, I'm Roberts Yakubu. I am a Digital Marketing Strategist.

The exact framework I used to go from undercharging for my services to landing multiple thousand dollar clients month after month. A proven framework for crafting compelling offers including templates you can start using right away.

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